Board of Directors

NFCAA utilizes a tripartite governing body.

A minimum of one-third of tripartite board membership must be democratically selected representatives of low-income individuals and families who reside in the geographic area being served by the Agency.

One-third must be elected officials, holding office at their time of selection, or their representatives.

The remaining board members must be chosen from business, industry, labor, religious, law enforcement, education, or other major groups and interests in the community served.


Leslie Jean-Bart, Esquire   Board Chair

Michele Godfrey-Watson    Vice Chair

Selena Hayle                    Secretary

Philip Haught                    Treasurer

Joseph Mayer                    Parliamentarian



Sherry Bugnet

Tanya Chong

Benjamin Coney

Wanda Daughtry

Tracy Dillon

Chief Richard Elkins

Dr. Richard Farmer

Karen Hardge

Commissioner Lawrence "Larry" Harvey

Marie Jones

Robert Nimmons

Asst. Chief Delores Patterson-O'Neal

Councilman Samuel Newby

Sheila Pressley

Hank Rogers

Lakesha Session

Kara Williams

Marcus Williams

Dr. Linda Woodard